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Tandem calls for support from all parties for safe, funded, inclusive and fair mental health services.
Our advocacy campaign Supporting Relationships outlines key values of a compassionate and effective
mental health system that we believe Victoria deserves.

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SAFE | Mental health services are safe for all

All health services ensure the physical, sexual and psychological safety of the people who use them. We call on any future government to commit to working with consumers, family and friends, the workforce and service providers to build a mental health system and services that can keep people safe. Read more

FUNDED | Provide comprehensive and effective mental health services

A mental health sector that can only treat people in crisis will continue to struggle. Investment in community mental health and preventative services that are accessible to the 90,000 Victorians who need them is vital. We call upon parties that would form government to detail their plans for a fully rounded and effective mental health sector. Read more

INCLUSIVE | Support and strengthen engagement of family and friends in mental health services

Tandem believes that a mental health system should support the relationships of consumers and family and friends as they work towards recovery. We call on any party that seeks to form government to outline their plan to work with those with lived experience, the workforce and peak bodies to facilitate this change. Read more

FAIR | Family and friends can access tailored mental health supports and services that meet their needs

Providing support for someone shouldn’t come at a huge cost to family and friends, financially, socially, emotionally or physically. Any mental health system must include pathways for tailored services to enable family and friends to continue providing support while also living an active life. Read more

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